GAVAN Holdings

The GAVAN Group of Companies commenced business in 1988 when the Directors, Mr. Gavin Condon and Mr. Andrew Corstorphine, perceived the need for a company to supply all parts and accessories required by Intermodal marine transport equipment operators. This saw the formation of the first company – GAVAN Container Products.

Since this time, the GAVAN Group of Companies has expanded through a network of branches to become the world’s largest supplier of Shipping Container related products. With eighteen (18) warehouse and office operations in nine (9) countries throughout Australasia, New Zealand, the Pacific Rim and South East Asia, the Group will continue to expand throughout Asia, providing a professional and efficient equipment service.

GAVAN has, over the years, expanded the product range from Shipping Container repair spare parts and accessories to include a wide range of Transport, Cargo Care and Protection products, Lifting and Safety Products, Marine Lashing, Rail and Rolling Stock Lashing systems, Military Lashing Systems, Light Engineering and Manufacturing, as well as a Plastic Pallet division.

Supplying quality products sourced locally and from around the world at competitive prices, GAVAN use a sophisticated computer controlled stock inventory, dispatch and accounts systems providing customer tailored billing to ensure customer satisfaction.

GAVAN staff have a unique blend of experience and skills in the international container/shipping, transport and rigging industries. This experience is invaluable when ensuring the correct parts and accessories are supplied. The commitment of the management and staff will ensure the organizations continued growth and development as the premier transport parts and accessories service company. All staff are dedicated to providing excellence in their technical approach and service to customer requirements.

After being in business for almost quarter of a century, the GAVAN Group continues to expand in geographical areas and the range of products offered to customers while continually improving on quality. Since 1988, the GAVAN Group of Companies has seen the successful implementation of companies such as GAVAN Container Products, Secure A Load, The Plastic Pallet Company, the Intermodal Equipment Alliance and GAVANKR to name but a few.

“GAVAN - Ensuring quality and professionalism through the support of our customers”

General Business Areas

Intermodal Repair Products: Products used in the repair and manufacture of ISO Shipping containers, including Dry Freight containers, Refrigerated containers, ISO Tank containers, Specialized Shipping containers and domestic office/house containers.

Transport Products: The Truck Body Parts Division has a comprehensive range of products used in Load Securing and Lifting Equipment including Tiedowns, Load Binders, Chains & Fittings, Shoring Bars, Twistlocks for truck decks, Container Ramps, Connecting Links, Corner Boards (plastic and cardboard), Cargo Hoop Sets, F-Track, Door Hardware, Furniture Blankets, Security Seals and Door Locking Systems, Lashing Rings, Aluminum & Stainless Sheet.

Cargo Care Products: The Cargo Care Division has a comprehensive range of Protection Products not only for shipping but inland transport and storage protection products such as Dunnage Bags, with appropriate inflation equipment (Air Guns), Plastic Container Liners, Slip Sheets, Shoring Products (Jacking Bars), Insulation Blankets, In-transit Temperature Recorders, Anti-skid Pallet Connectors, Dangerous Goods Labels, Moisture Control in various packaging types (Moisture Poles, Blankets, Silica Gel Pellets).

Lifting and Safety Products: Lifting Slings, Round and Flat Web Slings, G80 Lifting Chain, Leather Gloves, Foot Ware, Eye Protection and Safety Decals.

Marine Products: Ship Lashing, Transfer and Securing Systems are an important part of the GAVAN Product range; the Group supplies Complete Lashing Rods, Turnbuckles, Stacking Cones and a full range of Automatic & Manual Twistlocks, Dovetail, U-frame, Semi-Automatic, Bottom, Single Stackers, Bridge Fittings, Deck Fittings, Lifting Slings and Wire Rope.

Rail Securement Products: Rail Twistlocks and refurbishment of rail operators’ existing Rail Twistlocks, Cargo Protection Products for cargo on and in rail wagons.

Military Securement Products: Tiedown Equipment for vessels, tanks, trucks, Lashing and Transfer Equipment, Tiedowns and Securing Products for the securing of Ammunition, Cargo Nets, Deck Sockets for vessels and a further extensive range of Hooks.

Light Engineering / Manufacturing / Testing:
The fabrication of steel products for use in the repair of ISO Containers, Steel Access Ramps and General Light Steel Fabrication and Engineering, manufacture of Web Tiedowns and approved testing of Chain, Web Tiedowns, Lifting Chain and Lifting Slings.

Plastic Pallets: Numerous Plastic Pallet types for use in transportation, warehouse storage, cool rooms and freezers.